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EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installment. It includes repayment of the principal amount and payment of the interest on the outstanding amount of your loan. When you take a loan, the equated monthly instalment is a key factor in deciding the loan amount and tenure.

How to Use Loan Calculator?

With colourful charts and instant results, our Loan Calculator is easy to use, intuitive to understand and is quick to perform. You can calculate EMI for home loan, car loan, personal loan or any other fully amortizing loan using this calculator.

Enter the following information in the EMI Calculator:
  • Principal loan amount you wish to avail
  • Rate of interest (percentage)
  • Loan tenure in years

Use the slider to adjust the values in the Loan calculator form. If you need to enter more precise values, you can type the values directly in the relevant boxes provided. As soon as the values are changed using the slider (or hit the 'tab' key after entering the values directly in the input fields), Loan calculator will re-calculate your monthly payment (EMI) amount.

A pie chart depicting the break-up of total payment (i.e., total principal vs. total interest payable) is also displayed. It displays the percentage of total interest versus principal amount in the sum total of all payments made against the loan.